Learn to skate programs, learn to play hockey programs

At Explosive Hockey Development, we believe in a great first experience within the game of hockey. That starts with our Learn to Skate programs from the beginner levels and upwards. 

Within our Learn to Skate Program, there are 4 distinct levels in which each participant follows to ensure the most beneficial and positive experience!


Level 1 is for the brand new skater or those who have just started skating. In this level we will focus on being able to stand up unassisted, ice safety and being comfortable taking steps on the ice.


Level 2 is for the skater who can easily get up on their own and is able to take balanced steps by themselves. During this level we focus on developing our stops, generating strong pushes to a glide sequence and introduce backwards skating.


Level 3 is for the skater who is able to advance their skating to pushes as well as comfortable coming to a stop. During this level we will start introducing edges through forward slaloms, one foot balances, skulling and cross steps. We will also start becoming more efficient backwards skaters and learn backwards stops.


Level 4 is for the skater who is comfortable in all directions on their skates, can generate speed easily and can stop completely forwards and backwards. During this level, we will focus on isolating each individual foot in terms of pushing, turning, and stopping. We will dive deeply into forwards crossovers and learn to be comfortable on both our inside and outside edges.

After Level 4 – While not mandatory to have completed all 4 levels, you can register in our Learn to Play programs and/or our U7, U9, or Atom power skating programs.

If you have already started skating in another program and are not quite sure which level to register for, please give us a call and we would be happy to discuss your child’s level and make the proper placement for you.

If your child is progressing rapidly through a level, our coaches can make the determination to move them to the next level as required

Come have an EXPLOSIVE start with us!

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